Road Map

Milestones below are used to break the path to 1.0 down into significant feature developments: it is intended that each milestone represents a discrete piece of achievable work, so that progress can continue to be made.

Release strategy:

  • source code releases at M1, M2 and M4 as "alpha" or "developer-only" releases of code known to mostly work.
  • preview releases at M3 and M5. These will consist of a source release, and possibly static binary release for GNU-ish OSes.
  • beta release programme TBA from M6-ish onwards, leading to 1.0 release.

No dates are yet determined on the schedule below: these can only be realistically set when we see how long it takes us to get to M1!

There may also be overlap between the different milestones, in terms of features for later milestones appearing in some form earlier (but not later).

Milestone Release date Summary
M0 We are here now Milestones will go green as we reach them.
M1 Hope/estimate: late Feb 2007 Integration of antispam/antivirus, with cli configuration. Logging system reviewed.
M2 - New web user administration tool, command line tools review, support for virtual domains, "alias/forward" agent.
M3 - Start of CalDav support, put in place i18n / l10n framework. Candidate for Technical Preview.
M4 - Complete web admin and caldav for 1.0.
M5 - Feature complete for 1.0. Candidate for Pre-Release / beta release.
M6 - Security review, ready for 1.0 release planning.