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We hang out at OFTC, on the #bongo channel. Daylight hours in US/Eastern time are the most active. All types of question about Bongo are welcome.

Latest logs can be found at


We have [ mailing lists] for all occasions. Specifically, we have lists for both user discussion and development.


  • Latest Bong news is summarised on the Main Page.
  • Read the developers' day-to-day blogs on Planet Bongo.

Other Resources


Planet Bongo aggregates the blogs of various Bongo developers and contributors.

For Contributors

Reporting Bugs

Reporting Bongo bugs improves the quality of the software! If you come across any issue please don't hesitate to report it at the Bongo Issues page.

Security Process

If you find a vulnerability or bug within Bongo, we absolutely want to hear from you! You can either speak to someone on the IRC channel #bongo or post a bug to the Bongo Issues page.

Getting into the code

First, it would be a good idea to peruse the Development page, and check out the source code. You can ask questions and discuss development issues either on IRC #bongo or the '''hula-dev''' mailing list (see left).

The Projects page has a list of projects for interested developers.