Bongo Config After Install

Once you have installed Bongo, you must configure it by following the instructions below:


Run bongo-setup (note this needs to be run with root privileges):
bongo-setup has a number of options. You can change the ports where services will be started and configure Bongo to run against a corporate directory. By default, Bongo will be configured to run SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 on their standard ports.
  1. When asked "''Which driver would you like to use for the directory?''", although there is a file option, to allow running without an LDAP server, it's advised to use the managed-ldap option: that works much better, and you may encounter odd bugs otherwise. '''Note''': This needs the slapd package installed.
  2. You should accept the default for the question "''Enter file for importing objects:''" unless you know what you're doing here.
  3. When asked ''Enter domain name on which to run bongo [localhost.localdomain]:'' one should enter the domain without any prefixes like www. or mail.. Examples of correct domain names are:, and
  4. You should not be alarmed at the "''ERROR: Could not add attribute bongoDomain''" message. This always occurs.


Run bongomanager (as root), which takes no arguments.

Bongo is now running! You will now need to add a new user to continue, so [[Commands/bongo-admin|continue to the next step]] to do so.