Bongo 1.0 Administration Interface

This will be a simple web UI, similar in look to Dragonfly(?), and based on the same "technology" (the same framework).

This spec doesn't cover the CLI UI.

  • manage users on the system
    • add, remove users
    • change user preferences(?) (use case: support)
  • manage hosted domains to receive e-mail
  • ability to turn agents on and off
  • able to configure key agent functionality, e.g.:
    • SMTP, IMAP, POP3 ports
    • whether or not secure services are used
  • able to manage secure services:
    • can generate a new certificate
    • can load an existing (non-snake-oil?) certificate
  • tells the admin when a restart is needed for config to take effect (I suspect we ''don't'' want instant apply type tech here)
  • ability to restart the Bongo system from the UI
    • ability to stop / start system in general (?)
  • get basic stats on the system: e-mails being processed, load on the system
  • ability to view some logs