Google SoC Student application

This is our proposed application form for students applying to the Bongo Project.

Name & Contact Details

Please provide your contact details: at the minimum, a name and e-mail address.

  • Name:
  • E-mail:
  • Address/location:
  • Phone:

A Short Bio

Please tell us a little about yourself. In particular, what you're studying (and how far into your course you are), and detail any previous experience in the free software community or participation in a free software project.

The Bongo Project prides itself on fun and friendliness: as well as technically adept students, we also want people who will fit our culture. So, remember, we're not just interested in your technical skills, but also your "people skills".

Your Proposal

What would you like to do? Please give us a high-level description (what functionality and/or end-user use cases you're addressing) and a more detailed technical discussion (protocols that might be implemented, for example). Point out which areas you have existing knowledge and/or experience, and which areas will be novel either for you, for the Bongo Project, or present novel ideas/functionality in general. What technical skills would you use doing the project, and what skills would you gain?

Outline a project plan as best you can. This should begin with a period of some research and planning, end with a brief project report, and have a number of stages in between by which progress can be measured. Goals should be simple and measurable. If you have specific dates in mind, please include them.


Why should we pick this proposal? We want the best students, and the best ideas - what makes you the ideal combination?

Ideally, your participation in Bongo would begin before your project starts, and we hope that you would continue to participate well after your project finishes. However, nothing is guaranteed - if your participation finished with the project, how would your contribution live on?