Requirements for Dragonfly : Bongo 1.0

The following are features that we probably need for Dragonfly to be a day-to-day usable mail client - that is the goal for 1.0. Other new features which would be nice to have, but involve substantive development, should be discussed before being added to the 1.0 requirements.

At some point, these need to be prioritised in terms of the userbase they affect, and perhaps categorised in terms of difficulty of development.

  • Multilanguage support. At the moment Dragonfly is only available in English, but it's important to have a multilanguage interface. It should be easy to integrate good multilanguage support (gettext).
  • More conclusive error message reporting? It seems most Dragonfly errors result in failed login; more verbose messages would be useful.
  • Timezone issues. There do seem to be parts of the UI - e.g., the week ahead on the summary page - which suffer from timezone memory loss, and display the wrong time .
  • Preferences. Users should be able to set various preferences:
    • Timezone
    • Name/Email address
    • change their password
  • A better Composer. In particular:
    • support for line-wrapping, quoting, and that kind of thing in the text area
    • better integration with contacts lookup? Use case: I want to mail twenty of my friends, some kind of multiple-select thing would be nice
    • multiple From: ?
  • Reply to list? We have other mailing list support...
  • "This is me" is slightly goofy
  • Better contacts.
    • From:, CC: etc. entries should be easily added to the Addressbook, maybe some autolearn function like Tbird?
    • Make a group option so the user can group their contacts ( in a ldap addressbook is this ok?) so user can mail it's Department or it's colleagues like a mailling-list.
  • "Send feedback" shouldn't go to Novell any more... -> maybe a bongo-feedback ml?
  • "Search" should work over calendar items
  • Sharing of calendars and inboxes so resources (like departments, meeting rooms etc) can share their calender and mail across groups of people