Calendar Sharing Storyboard

Bongo users will probably also want to share their calendar(s) with other people, some of whom ''may'' be running Bongo. They will probably want to do this so other people can give people permanent updates as to what they're up to, they're status at various points throughout the day/week/month, or simply to aid event organisation.

Use Cases

Lukas often needs to have meetings with his co-workers. By viewing his co-workers' shared calendars, he can work out when the best time to have a meeting is, by checking who will be available at what time, and if not, what they are doing (ie if Lukas can see Harry is doing a relatively non-important task at that time, and the time fits well with everybody else, Lukas might still want to have the meeting during that time period). Lukas will only be able to see events planned during work hours, which means that he won't be able to see what Sarah is up to later that evening.

Jenny wants to organise something with a bunch of her friends. She has a quick look at her calendar to see what her best friends are up to, and notices two are going to a party the weekend after. Jenny clicks on the party event, and clicks 'Join'. She types in a quick message requesting if she can come. Jenny also adds her other friends to the invitation request, and clicks OK. She receives a response a bit later, and the event now appears on her calendar, with the current attendees.

(TODO: sort out request handling for non-bongo clients; maybe just tag response email with [Yes] or [No]?)

We would want the ability to share calendars so that the above use cases aren't completely fictional. This should be done by being able to click on a calendar that you currently own, and simply selecting Share. You should then be able to select who you share/don't share the calendar with, what times are viewable, and whether or not it requires a password to view.

Viewing shared events

Viewing shared events

Sharing a calendar

Sharing a calendar

Joining somebody else's event

Viewing shared events

Other screens

How would we summarise what's happening; which invites do you have, etc? Would we have this as a separate bar?

Ideas up for discussion

Is there really a need for the ability to edit others' calendars from within the interface itself? When sharing, I guess we can make it accessible from CalDAV, if necessary - I only really see this as being useful if you're working mobile, and need to edit your events without having to go into Flasher (eg using your desktop thick-client application, or using your mobile device such as a Blackberry, etc)