If you have built Bongo from source, an example Apache configuration snippet is created in src/www/hula.conf. This can be dropped directly into Apache's vhosts.d directory, though it will override the root url path (DocumentRoot) of your Apache configuration. Unless you only want to run Hula on that server, you'll want to modify the hula.conf file.

If you look at that file, you'll see that it defines two locations. The first, < Location / >, serves the static files in Hula's htdocs directory. This location can be put elsewhere in your url space.

The second, < Location /user >, cannot be changed. The [[Dragonfly]] client currently hits /user for downloading all its data. It wouldn't be unreasonable to submit a patch that changes the client to use a path relative to the dragonfly.html file.

Anyway, for testing things out, you should just be able to drop the hula.conf file into place and restart Apache. Review the Troubleshooting section below if you're having problems logging in.

Once this is done, you can move onto [[#Dragonfly|the next section]].